Step by step to your well-being

Relaxation techniques like autogenic training, progressive muscle relaxation, breathing techniques, meditation, yoga or methods for deep relaxation. They all help you to reduce stress and to find inner peace. That way you can develop measures to prevent exhaustion or in the worst case a burn out.


Life Coaching is the process of helping people identify and achieve personal goals through developing skills and attitudes that lead to self empowerment.

( Neenan, Michael (2018). Cognitive behavioural coaching: Distinctive features)



The client chooses the topic for the sessions. 


The only requirement for a successful coaching is the will to change something and the will for self-responsibility.


Coaching procedure

  • In the first step we will analyse why the client wants to change and what is the motivation behind it.
  • After that we Set a goal (after the SMART principle) 
  • Then it s planning time: How do i reach my goal? What possibilities are there? What kind of resources do I have?
  • Then we organize the different steps: What can I do today to get closer to my goal? What steps in between are necessary? 
  • And of course we will control the success of our performance: Did we already reach a mini goal? How is the progress?
  • Duration: 60 min


Learn relaxation techniques that are specially tailored for you!

It is important that you like to practice your techniques or you won't keep up.


I offer different methods for relaxation. Breathing exercises, meditations, techniques like autogenic training or progressive muscle relaxation or elements from yoga or Qi Gong, you can choose from a variety of offers.


Relaxation coaching procedure

In the first step we identify your stressors.

Then we work out how to eliminate them.

Small relaxation exercises that you can do daily round off our program.

Of course we also control your progress and make adjustments if necessary.


Duration: 60 min


In my workshops I mix coaching exercises with background knowledge and relaxation exercises.

I also offer workshops for people who are afraid of flying. A well experienced pilot joins me on these workshops.

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