Identify stress. Find balance.

Step by step...

May I introduce myself? 


I am Lisa and I started coaching 4 years ago.


When it comes to stress and how to deal with it i consider myself an expert ;)


Having worked in multiple demanding jobs and high paced environments i know what stress can do to you, your body and your mental health. 


Not only symptoms like having trouble falling asleep let me to the conclusion that i had to change something. 

I started learning about mindfulness and relaxation techniques. Followed by several trainings in stress management and resilience.



Today I support people to regain their energy&health, develop resilience and enjoy their life!






Life Coach



You want to change something but don't know how?

Message me and I will support you on your journey!

When it comes to ourselves and our life we often have a limited vision.

Let s expand that perspective again!





When we are stressed we disconnect ourselves from the breeding ground that nourishes our growth and development.

Start today and learn relaxation techniques that can easily be incorporated into everyday life.

You develop resilience.




I offer workshops (half or full day) for stress management.

Contact me and we will discuss a plan that is suited just for you and your company!